your weapon, also your weapon

What's the difference between a shotgun and a rifle, 1911 and revolver, which way does the bullet go into the chamber? Whether its the zombie apocalypse or an actual MIB moment, you don't want to be the guy that accidently shoots his cinematographer.

Image by Alexander Jawfox

its a big technical world


The Legend of Avatar, The Last Airbender is possibly the greatest TV show of all times for many reasons. The episode called, ‘Sokka’s master’ is greatness within greatness. I know it has been written and said in many other places, but it has always stuck with me when Master Piandao says, “The first thing you must learn is that your weapon is an extension of yourself. You must think of it as just another part of your own body.” Silliness before he continues, “The sword is a simple tool, but in the hands of a master it becomes the most versatile of weapons, and just as the imagination is limitless, so too are the possibilities of the sword.”

Keeping in mind that they are in a totally different, but not disproven universe, imagine how long the sword reigned as the dominant force when wielded by the most disciplined and clever warriors. Not just the sword, but the plethora of other tools and weapons that made mere men all but invincible and then think about the Last Samurai. Even those shanty, hit or miss boom sticks laid waste to disciplined warriors and by today’s standards those O G boom sticks are good for antiqued decoration. 

In this world we have reached a turning point in almost every quadrant-the sheer amount of uncertainty that comes from having so many wandering spirits. This is both a blessing and a curse like most great things. The potential that we have to grow if ever so many different perspectives could slow down and converse is enough to think maybe the Star Trek universe could possibly manifest(it could happen).

Even in its shortest summary, The Last Samurai drives home the difference between guns and swords. Even the most novice soldier can take out the most disciplined samurai even before the last shipment gets there. In storyworks you are shown what happens when simply trained swordsmen walk around among peasants with pitchforks. Unless someone orders an army, it's much the same.

Exercise and training or learning a discipline is great for health reasons and stress relievers for obvious reasons, so should not be dismissed, because guns exist. Then should you learn a fighting discipline solely for defensive purposes?

Hell yes! Some crooks and defiants do abide by gunlaws(even though stealing and assault are also illegal). You may also visit a ‘no gun zone’ building, city or state(just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right or smart). In some places walking around without a firearm is probably perfectly reasonable and may even be safe, but if you are constantly worried about being taken hostage, robbed or bullied at gunpoint then it’s also perfectly reasonable to be prepared, right?

If knowing that you’ll be able to defend yourself and your family against any real-life boogyman that is roaming the streets keeps your stress levels at ease then be my guest. We are currently facing a mental health crisis even if no one wants to say it and it’s stress that breaks us down. Even our mental facilities. 

Just as it’s your, my and her over there’s right to protect ourselves and have peace of mind, it is also all of our responsibility to know that weapon like it’s just another body part. Many people are frightened of the actual firearm just because of what it can do. Even though it’s just another inanimate object. I will never understand why people fear firearms enough to only let a few rich people use them, but then fight for a serial killer's right to life and freedom, but whatever. Variety is the spice of life!

Peace of mind encompasses more than just protecting your physical person and family or innocent people in general. I’ve lost sleep plenty of times worrying about keeping my job, making a mistake(or my preparer) while filing my taxes, a confrontation solely because I suffer from RBF, or even having to talk to people!!!!

All of these things can be and have been conquered through being proactive and facing fears. The job is tough if you have a dickhead manager, but if you do your job(lightbulb) your golden, there are plenty of how-tos online that teach you(with pictures) how to do taxes or you can pay an extra 300 bucks for insurance through..that one with the H and B maybe…not sure anymore. I have even begun to smile more and have looked up non-threatening behaviors that make other people more at ease even though those threatening behaviors were habits that put me more at ease. Well, it gave me something else to focus on really, like clenching my fists and crossing my arms. Still working on talking to people, I just get so nervous and have made a default level habit out of doing my damndest to get out of it…tehe. 

My point is that having and being trained with a weapon-from your body to a legal firearm- is great for easing your mind and working out both your body and your mind in itself. At the same time a pen can be used in a similar way when finally doing that paper that is due. Procrastination is a thing, but if you can’t stop worrying about it then you probably need to address it. Trust me, homework is easy, check out that man in the mirror if you really want a stress-clearing challenge. Looking up ways to put yourself at ease when doing something necessary is a toolset used to help you succeed and feel better about yourself because of it. The ability to look in someone's eyes without freezing from the fear that they will look at you wrong is empowering beyond words to someone that suffers from some levels of stage fright. People usually refer to that as ‘awkwardness’ and it does stick like glue. 

Any critiques or suggestions?