Shadow work

The purpose of Shadow Work is to grow and be a better version of yourself-something that you choose! This is achieved by looking at our personas and true selves and then reconciling or integrating the parts of our self that we are ashamed of or outright dislike. It's finding balance between our anima and animus. Confronting our past mistakes or missteps and forgiving ourselves to work toward a better future. Its achieving our goals and conquering our fears.

There's so many different videos, podcasts, blogs, instructions, books-the book-on it, but how can you present it to your brain in a way that it starts making sense?

Shadow Show

The concept of shadow work through story-telling as opposed to more conventional means-if you can call it that-is to stave off boredom mostly. Just like how playing the same closed-world, linear story game can lose most of its appeal and aspect of discovery, whereas an open-world game allows you to adventure, to change the plot, to explore different aspects of different aspects. Whenever something hits you personally, you will always have a key to the door and can exhaust everything that it hides in your own time. If you get stuck or need to think something through-something that could involve digging deeper than you have the time or energy for, then you can write another chapter or even another book in the meantime.

You are always the protagonist and depending on what your stage or knowledge of shadow work is, you may wish or want to face someone from your life, a past version of yourself or even create an antagonist.  Could you better your chances in the worse-case scenario?

What if while running through your open-world adventure you lose the plot or simply do not know where to go next? Duck, duck, go anybody?

You need to keep the end-goal in mind and you need to have blueprints and a detailed map for reference. 

Why do you want to dig through your past and make yourself into whatever is necessary to reach your goals? 

Fountain pen

These are templates that can be used to really delve into a character or set up a healing confrontation or integration.

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The Description Template is for describing a person in detail, perhaps with a pros and cons list as well as a place to draw a picture. The Comparison Template has places for two pictures and basic descriptions of two people. The majority of the lines are supposed to be used for a dialog.


Describe Your Ideal Self Completely

Your Persona/Your Third Person View

Describe Yourself or the person that you want to be. The person that you want everyone else to see. Do you want to be known as a well-respected person? Do you want to be known as an animal-lover? A good parent? Charitable? A bad-ass? All of these?

Kneeling Astronaut
Man behind Broken Glass

Who Are You Really?

Your Ego/Your Shadow

Describe who you are truly. Can you make an honest Pros and Cons list of yourself? What are your good qualities and your negative qualities(from your point of view)? Do they reflect your Persona or the way that you want other people to see you? Being happy with yourself is something that is sought after, but do you truly understand what makes you tick?

Antagonist Vs Protagonist

Who Is Your Enemy?

Is there a person that you absolutely despise? A person that shows up in your dreams or your fantasies as a antagonist? Someone that gets under your skin and you aren't sure why? Describe that person and compare them against yourself. What type of dialog would likely take place? Confrontation?

Game Playing Pieces_edited.jpg
Tiny Hand

You meeting past you

Are you ashamed of something from your past?

No-one is born grown, savvy, or able to understand every situation that they encounter. What would you say to the person you were? The unseasoned, child that did something wrong, that they thought was wrong, but really maybe they just did something in front of the wrong people. Was past you a victim? Do they need understanding or acceptance?

Surprisingly(to me atleast), I found out a bunch about myself and my past through projecting my feelings into characters in a weekly short-story club I participate in.