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Nitri Lean Jumpstart

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In the pursuit of a decently functioning body and sound mind I have found that your diet helps you workout and your workout helps your diet. And it's easy to start with a walk, a few sets of squats and some crunches for a workout and then add more reps, workouts and upgrade to a jog or run later. When you are working out enough to feel that satisfying burn you also don't want to ruin your hard work by eating something that will ruin your diet. 

On the other hand if you screw up your diet then working out will feel like the worst idea of your life. I know if I ever slip up, usually due to stress(hello 2021) then I will go home and struggle to get my mandatory chores done and veg out on the couch with the color box. Squats are the last thing on my mind.

But if you could jumpstart that new diet while you baby some better cravings that will come from the workout that was pushed ahead thanks to said jumpstart? 

A supplement perhaps? A supplement with 100% all natural vegetarian ingredients that are completely non GMO.

A supplement with ingredients that stifle cravings and promote fat burning while delivering energy and antioxidants for heart health. Something good for your blood pressure, cholesterol and cardiovascular health. 

And for that matter, life may proof so much better if there was a supplement that you could take and go about your day, be they job related, family fun or full-blown quests.

Nitri Lean is praised for having the same ingredients that the SKG used to keep in peak physical condition. The SKG of course, are arguably the most awesome soldiers on the planet and have to be ready for anything. Kicking butt, having clear, level heads for gizmo-type puzzles and even swoozing potential mates. 

Nitric Oxide is it's main focus and is produced by nearly every type of cell in your body(assuming you are human of course). It's also one of the most important molecules for blood vessel health. It relaxes the muscles of your blood vessels, causing the vessels to widen which increases blood flow, lowering blood pressure. 

The most effective way to naturally get more Nitric Oxide is exercise, so this supplement is like the perfect jumpstart.

The ingredients of Nitri Lean are as follows:

  •  50 milligrams of Cayenne Pepper which decreases cravings and promotes fat burning

  • 100 milligrams of Hawthorn which helps your heart

  • 220 milligrams of L-Citralline which supports nitic oxide levels and decreases muscle soreness

  •   5 milligrams Bioperine which helps in the absorption and effectiveness of the other ingredients

  • 100 milligrams of Beet Root which helps nitric oxide levels, blood pressure, blood sugar, circulation and sexual performance

  • 500 milligrams of Green Tea Extract which increases metabolism while helping burn more fat as energy

  • 100 milligrams of Garcinia Cambogia which increases metabolism and energy, supports healthy cholesterol levels and suppresses appetite

  •  50 milligrams of Grape Seed Extract which helps blood flow and cardiovascular health

Are you ready to take what could be your first step to awesome, secret agent type, warrior class energy and health to keep you kicking....butt?