Dry Roses and Diary

Even if you have no idea where you want to end up, who you want to be or what you want to do, there are clues. Begin by training yourself to pay attention to what thoughts, fantasies or even dreams invoke the most emotion from you.

Have you ever woke up with great expectations and then felt loss, only to eventually realize that you left something in your dreams? Before I had children I had a few dreams inwhich I had children and the loss I felt was horrible. I call this dream the superman dream. Even if you have to keep a dream diary and make sure that you wake up with enough time to recall and write your dreams down, there will be something there. A reoccurring pattern just waiting for you to notice or  a deep thought that needs to be articulated. 

Perhaps you just need to pay attention to your fantasies and daydreams, figure out what keeps driving you replay certain adventures. Write it down and make a plan to make it come to pass.

Once you get a possible plan together try to mediate and get a sense of your plan and how long it will take. Could you stand the repetition? Talk with a friend. I've realized that there's a phenomenon that causes us to get excited about a seemingly novel idea and then plan on telling our best friend. As soon as the reaction is spent, we sorta forget it. Will your plan last?

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