Comparison Template

I use a page with two places for drawings with places for a brief description and a large lined area to use for dialog. 

This is excellent for shadow work inwhich you pick a person in real life that you dislike or outright hate for whatever reason. Describe them in one section and yourself in the other and then draw your respective players and then imagine a dialog that could occur between you. What would you ask this person? What do you imagine that they'd ask you? This is a great technique to reveal any projections you have. 

Another good use of a template with two columns is to take a good look at who you are and who you think you are. In one column describe your persona. Who are you to the world? In the next write down if you actually meet that criteria. Are you the nice person that everyone sees or are you scared of confrontation? This is also a great way to realize goals and what you truly want.