Dragons have haunted and played blissfully in our psyches since the beginning of time...well seemingly, but they aren't the awesomely intelligent, compromising, beautiful beasts that hollywood as made them into of late. 

In European mythology Dragons destroy cities, eat children and wreck whole herds of well, food. They snatch away the most luxurious jewels and golden trinkets to hide them away. They pillage and steal wealth in quantities that would sustain cities for lifetimes and then they take more. Meanwhile whole countries are starving. 

Eastern Dragons seem to be more well-rounded and are made of many different animal parts. They also have different abilities, such as making rain, teaching writing and looking over the seas. There was also a growing process to the Eastern Dragon inwhich the beast goes through many changes over thousands of years and grows wiser with time. 

Many peoples believe that the origins of dragon came about because of dragon bones and mutated eels, but I think they are a specific part of our shadows-the greedy part. 

Everyone is some kind of greedy, some more than others and some with greater power than others, but noone sees it in themselves!