A cup or a coffee holder?



I have never given much thought to the concept of a purpose. It's always seemed over-rated to be honest. I mean I knew that you had to find a job to make money in order to take care of yourself and all of your responsibilities, but a purpose had to be different. Had to be magical, way more meaningful than a simple way to pay your bills. It also had to be a fool’s errand if you weren’t lucky enough to figure it out in high school-because who has the time?!

I'll be the first to admit that I only ever wanted to blend in and simply make it. Walking amongst people was enough hassle and challenge for me and it's noble to give to charity after all, so it’s not like I haven’t been helping.

And I mean I have always imagined I would be ready to answer a call to action like any unsuspecting cartoon character,,,but yeah, that still hasn't happened.

Not to mention that there are like billions of people in the world. Plenty of other assholes to fix the world.

Everyone seems like an extravert to an introvert.

The longer I worked, the more people that I eventually meshed with. Older people from very different walks of life. Some of which were happy to work at the little retail job we all had. They were even grateful for it. That gave me something to think about. I did not think about it until way later, but they were also people with children. People with children that emitted happiness and genuine love when they mentioned their children(don't get me wrong, plenty of flaky people that I encountered also had children).

The idea of a purpose and it not being magical and bliss filled really hit home when my employer began to fire their older employees. It wasn't too long after that, that many of those employees passed away. This perplexed me. One lady in particular was grouchy more than she was happy. Barking at our peers and always ready to go home. I imagined that she would be more than ready for her retirement. 

Years later my partner who is retired military said that it was not unheard of for our soldiers to commit suicide within 7 years after they get out. They can't adjust to civilian life and I've heard it be compared to prisoners getting released, but that seems different. I mean, the soldiers are doing some form of keeping the greatest nation in the world safe. They're keeping busy and used to strict rules, but they are also justified in most of their actions unlike most prisoners. 

This pandemic should have taught us one thing with all of these lockdowns and layoffs-we do need purpose. Something to do, even if it’s just a social setting that we can get to. They say that most of the Great Resignation is due to people getting better jobs and taking chances. Maybe some more of us will finally find our magical, cartoon-esque callings.

Young Woman


Smiling Young Man