Shell Maintenance

The right fuel and release paired with mental clarity creates the perfect storm for reaching peak potential.

I and I am assuming many of my fellow noids have goals. Some of which are societally acceptable such as getting and maintaining a job and maybe playing in organized sports one day. A bit less acceptable is getting my shit together instead of making up some reason to keep giving overpaid physicians a ginny pig to "practice" on. Some goals may be dreaming big, but are still possible if I ever max my commitment level-Judy Hopps really inspired me. And then there's being true to myself and preparing for the emergence of dragons, the eventual meeting of extraterrestrial lifeforms and the ever more likely looking culture war.

Boxer Portrait

I have no want to tell anyone what is healthy for them. There are aforementioned physicians ready to give out advice and medicines and even “practice” to make anyone with enough faith or money feel better. 

There are so many people, both employed and not, on purpose and through no fault of their own with so much time right now and every person has a reason to become healthier and/or reach a better fitness level. 

Whether it’s the parent just trying to get through the day, the person tired of worrying about could-be symptoms wanting to breath better and not lose breath so easily, the guardian or warrior that wants to be able to protect their own, or the dreamer that wants to change the world-more energy, better sleep, higher confidence, less worry and stress can be obtained with that time and adequate drive.

Taking care of your body is the first and best step in reaching optimal power levels from every bodypart and reaching topnotch mental clarity. The perfect diet and exercise regimen is different for everyone not only, because of genetics, personal triggers and injuries, but also goals. Not everyone wants to be a firefighter, diver, football player, lawyer or even childcare specialist, so not everyone needs the same amount of vitamins and training-either mental or physical.

The idea is not to have to rely on medicine, so that you can eat whatever you want. It’s to find out what your body needs. The best way to find your perfect diet is to first experiment. This may take some time, but if you are lactose intolerant on any level to any dairy you’ll find out in a few days in some cases. Are you sensitive to certain vegetables? I found recently that broccoli gives me painful gas! I am 33, so do with that what you will, but I have been trying to eat better and also be a better example for my kiddies. Broccoli is supposed to be good for you!!! 

Through experimentation I now eat my egg whites cooked all the way, the yolk a bit runny, because I like my eggs a bit runny and the yokes don’t upset my stomach. I have stopped drinking milk altogether and it has taken a few months, but I can finally eat sour cream without my tummy getting upset(hey, I can’t just get calcium through yogurt!). I eat brussel sprouts instead of broccoli and no noodles even though I love noodles. Just a fun fact-I used to live life based on the recommendations of the fda(the whole 2,000 calories a day and % of your carbohydrates) like a good, little government loving sheople. Yeah, one would think that they were somehow incentivized to recommend a diet that would give people diabetes and ensnare them in a financial obligation to keep them alive…one might think.  

The idea of the experiment is to find out what foods give you the necessary nutrition, with or without supplements that don't bloat you or make you feel bad. Then you need to award yourself with something that triggers your dopamine. For example if you eat a bowl of plain, whole fat greek yogurt with 2 scoops of low carb protein powder and a bit of black coffee to mix it all together, well if that’s you first hit of caffeine that does the trick itself, but if not then you can allow yourself to indulge in a video game for a few extra minutes or well anything really. You know more than anyone what you want. It just doesn’t need to be anything that makes you feel bad. Like seriously, if a bite size twix bar doesn’t make you bloat or cause you to eat a whole bag of twix then have at it. Just pay attention and make sure it doesn’t correlate at all with not working out later, or brainfog whereas you don’t have brainfog when you didn’t eat a bite size twix bar beforehand. Make sense? 

Working out is as simple as walking, doing hand twirls, curls, jumpjacks, anything until you feel resistance. All you have to do is work until there is resistance consistently and you will make progress. Now again, it depends on what your goals are and your timeline. 

If you are going into a brainy field you may want to work out to reach and maintain optimal health solely to have a quick, unencumbered headspace and don’t forget that exercise can be a great stress reliever. 

If you want to work with children then you may want to jog and work on your breathing. Kids have energy! You may also want to find an activity that helps keep focus if you take them out in public or know that they can escape out a locked door, etc. 

Please let me know if I’ve screwed up any in this article or if you have any input or questions.