heal your dog naturally

Sara Rooney

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Heal Your Dog Naturally

E-Book by Sara Rooney

If you are here then you probably saw my video about noticing how much worse that the vet was making my pooch, Duke.

To elaborate further we had just moved to a new town and it was our first visit to this clinic. 

I understand that these places can be very busy, but there every single nurse that came in to see Duke was brand new and the vet himself had no kindness to him. I have never had a vet not speak to my animal(any animal) and try to to calm them. This guy set Duke off and immediately wanted a muzzle. Again, I can understand that Duke is a large puppy, but this was the first time that a muzzle was necessary. 

After the man said that he wanted to give Duke a shot and then for him to come by once every 3 months for something that may not even help I was done. THERE HAD TO BE A BETTER WAY!!


Any questions?

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So convenient, download it to your phone!!

You never know what you might find in the woods, but if it isn't something that's actually fun you can simply pull out your phone. 

Your pooch may get into a plant that they're allergic to or even eat something that gives them a belly ache. I noticed my own dog acting weirdly and luckily had all of the information I needed right there. 

Sometimes it is as simple as knowing what herbs and easy remedies that you can give or administer to ease your friend's sickness and aches.

There's nothing like having piece of mind when it comes to your best buddy or loving pet.



There is nothing worse than having to stress your baby out when they are already sick, scared and hurting. But more and more I'm finding out first hand and from other people that it is not always even fruitful.

Sara advises you to take your pet to the vet if it's an emergency or unavoidable, such as if they are in an accident. I have had pets in the past that were friends with our vet and the nurses even and it wasn't an issue to go get shots, vaccines, or checkups. 

Sadly, there are veterinarians that have no idea what is ailing your pooch and have no interest in finding out other than to give a shot and see what happens. Is it worth it to cause that much more stress and pain when there's a way to get your pooch healthy without all of the stress and then keep them healthy?

I decided that it is not.



You know, I know, and depending on how close you are to your pet-they know that you can use some extra money. Especially nowadays. 

So why spend the money to hear a stranger tell you that they don't know, or simply stress your baby out unnecessarily. Pet parks and walks are way cheaper and even if you aren't strapped for cash, I bet your pooch would rather a new bone, toy, ball or even just spending an extra day with you. 

The unexpected does happen! I've had to rush pets to the vet due to car accidents, dog fights and chocolate mishaps and I'll probably do it again. There are things I can control that will keep him comfortable, healthy and happy. It's a no brainer, right?

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.