The Why


I wrote a bit in a section titled, 'Purpose' and it is something that I adamantly believe in. While I am nobody and haven't accomplished anything 'nobelish' I am trying and I am excited about that. In my head there is a way this world can be better and even though I am just me, I am doing my part. 

Now I've researched on podcasts, read books and even signed up for an awesome website that helps with goals and helps you understand your personality, but even though I have realized exactly what I want to and maybe need to do to get to exactly where I want to be I have many illogical habits, cravings and defaults. 

That's why I made this site. I don't it all, but I am also not going to pretend like I do. I have found that speaking with my 'storygang' writing club has helped immensely. That's why this is the best parts of different shadow-work methods and goal-realizers mixed around different ways and ideas to help get us there. Blogs and forums!!!